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Cloth Diapers for Beginners

Cloth Diapers Getting Started with Cloth Diapers

What do you really need to get started with cloth diapers?
  • Cloth Diapers– You need enough cloth diapers to last 1-3 days depending on how much laundry you have time for. Newborns typically use 12 diapers a day. A good cloth diapering stash is anywhere from 16 – 26 diapers.
  • Cloth Wipes – if you make a true commitment to cloth diapering cloth wipes are available. We carry flannel and cotton You usually need 12 -24 wipes. Most cloth wipes are moistened by a cloth diaper safe solution .
  • Diaper Bags – There are a couple of options for your new or used diapers. Wet Bags can be used for soiled cloth diapers and wet/dry bags can be used for soiled and new cloth diapers. We have both options available for purchase and they come in the same prints as your cloth diapers! 2 large size bags for home, and a 2 smaller travel size bags will work.
  • Cloth Diaper Inserts – Most cloth diapers come with inserts, however you may find they aren’t absorbent enough to last a couple of hours. Most cloth diaper brands carry additional inserts for purchase that can be added to your cloth diaper to extend their use. We suggest additional inserts if your baby is a heavy wetter.
Optional Items for cloth diapering!
  • Cloth Diaper Liners – If you are exclusively breastfeeding no need to worry about #2. But, if your baby is formula fed, or you have begun to introduce solids I highly recommend a liner for your diapers. This protects the diaper against #2 and instead of washing it off with a water sprayer you can just remove the liner and #2 right into the toilet. Easy and fast when you have limited hands.
  • Cloth Diaper Cream – The best reason to cloth diaper is the last of the diaper rash babies tend to get. When using cloth diapers you must use a cloth diaper safe cream or it can affect the absorbency of your cloth diapers. If not, use a washable liner on top of your cloth diaper if you choose not to purchase a cloth diaper safe cream. The cloth diaper washable liner will provide a barrier between your baby and the cloth diaper.
  • Swim Diapers – Not only are cloth swim diapers amazing, but they are much better than the normal swim diaper, and cuter too!
We even put together a few cloth diaper starter kits to take the guesswork out of it! Still need help? Give us a call at 1-619-500-BABY(2229), email us at or check out our selection of cloth diapers.

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