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Pre-Loved Cloth Diapers

Cloth Diapers pre-loved cloth diapers used cloth diapers

The moment I mentioned to my husband that I had found a great deal on some pre-loved cloth diapers the look on his face was priceless. If you don’t know much about cloth diapers the thought of ever purchasing a pre-loved diaper isn’t something you probably would consider, but let me change your mind. Prior to disposable diapers, cloth diaper services were widely used. Chances are, you were always wearing someone else’s diaper. It was normal, everyone was doing it, and no one thought twice about it. With the advent of more absorbent fabrics, heavy duty washing machines and safer detergents we have more knowledge than ever about disinfecting and stripping cloth diapers. Anyone who argues that purchasing a pre-loved cloth diaper today is a bad idea is wrong! Hands down cloth diapering is better for your baby – whether the diaper has been worn by multiple babies, your own baby, or not a single baby. Cloth diapers are built to last through multiple babies if cared for properly, so why not get the most use out of them? I would argue that buying a pre-loved diaper is actually awesome. Why? Someone else goes through all of the prepping. Their newborn wears the diaper a handful of times. Now you have an almost perfect diaper, in most case scenarios. Saving a few bucks isn’t such a bad idea either. That is ultimately most family’s primary reason for cloth diapering after all. Since cloth diaper sales are hard to come by unless a manufacturer is retiring colors or prints a full cloth diaper stash can get pricey. Liken it to second hand clothing stores. We have all shopped there before…..right? I personally own quite a few pre-loved cloth diapers, a pair of Bottombumpers actually came in the mail a few days ago. Take the plunge, don’t overthink, hot water kills everything AND it’s totally worth it! Check out our pre-loved cloth diaper stash here!

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