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Confession – I don’t know how a Diaper Genie works!

This past weekend we were invited over a friend’s house for a lovely birthday party. Celebrating a wonderful mom of two girls with our two boys and lots of other kids meant diaper changes and pool time! I brought a disposable swim diaper for my son still in diapers.

After swimming I headed into the kitchen to pitch the diaper and noticed a diaper genie, obviously a better choice for a diaper than the trash. But I couldn’t figure out how it worked. After a few minutes of fighting with the diaper genie I got the top open, but I couldn’t push the diaper in, and I couldn’t close the top. Ahhh!

It still makes me laugh and I confess I haven’t googled how to use a diaper genie in the days afterward. We cloth diapered both my boys and have never used one.

You know you’re a cloth diaper mom when…you don’t know how a diaper genie works! I often wonder if anyone else saw me giggling and shared my laugh! What other things have you realized make you a cloth diaper mom?!?! We would love to know!

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