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Wool Dryer Balls - White


Bubble Gum Wool Dryer Balls - White 

Bubble Gum Wool Dryer Balls are a great alternative to toxic dryer sheets. We recommend 4-6 dryer balls per load. Dryer balls last for about 1 year.

Benefits of Wool Dryer Balls:

They cut down on drying time. This will decrease your electricity spend on the dryer from 30-50% when using 4-6 dryer balls. The dryer balls help dry everything easier and quicker by bouncing around your clothing.

You will save money! Since wool dryer balls last up to one year the money you spend on them pays for itself quickly. In one year the average household does 1500+ loads of laundry. The average dryer sheet box contains approximately 100 dryer sheets at $6. That is approximately $90 per year. With each dryer ball costing $7 you save over half of that cost with your purchase.

The planet will love you! Since wool dryer balls will save you throwing away 1500+ dryer sheets, and your use of electricity will decrease, you are doing everyone a favor by switching to wool dryer balls.

Reduction in static cling. Wool dryer balls are naturally anti-static! Good news for you and your wardrobe!

Great for Cloth Diapers! Wool dryer balls are especially great for drying cloth diapers. They help dry your diapers evenly and cut down on drying time if you choose to dry your cloth diapers in the dryer.

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