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Zuri Teething Necklace

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Zuri Teething Necklace


The ZURI necklace is made from our new Marble abacus silicone beads and an oversized and unfinished beech bead. 

All of our necklaces are:

  • Strung on 75-85cm long nylon cord and feature a breakaway clasp for safety
  • Made using 100% Food Grade Silicone & Eco-Friendly European Beech
  • Soft on babies gums and assist with emerging teeth
  • Provide sensory stimulation for both infants while nursing, and children 3 years +

Please remember:

Our jewelry is not intended to be used as a toy, and is not recommended to be worn or used unattended by anyone under the age of 3 years old. 

Color Wheel in Second Picture:

  • White   (also available in 19mm & Abacus)
  • Cream   (also available in 19mm)
  • Oat   (also available in 19mm)
  • Peach   (also available in 19mm)
  • Maroon
  • Rose Quartz   (also available in 19mm)
  • Soft Pink
  • Lavender   (also available in 19mm)
  • Pastel Blue
  • Powder Blue
  • Serenity   (also available in 19mm)
  • Sapphire
  • Olive
  • Lint   (also available in 19mm)
  • Mint   (also available in 19mm)
  • Sea Green
  • Turquoise   (also available in 19mm)
  • Black   (also available in 19mm & Abacus)
  • Dark Grey   (also available in 19mm)
  • Light Grey   (also available in 19mm)
  • Marble   (also available in 19mm, 22mm, Abacus & Icosahedron)


  • Pearl White (15mm only)
  • Cool Grey (15mm + 19mm)
  • Copper (15mm + hex only)
  • Rose Gold  (15mm only)
  • Soft Yellow (19mm only)

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